“A homeless man, struggling to survive on the streets of London, finds his world is changed forever when he meets a troubled young runaway with a dark past.”

Runtime: 30 minutes
Writer/Director: Taras Demian Groves

Winner of the “Independent Spirit Award” at the Windy City Film Festival in Chicago. Winner of “Best Score” at the I Filmmaker International Film Festival in Marbella. Nowhere also was screened in Cannes, Vancouver and at the Manhattan Film Festival.


“In a world where being a contract killer is a legal profession, a camera crew film the reclusive, enigmatic hitman, Eli Shepard, as he undertakes one hit.”

Runtime: 120 minutes
Writer/Director: Taras Demian Groves

Our zero budget feature film “The Profesional”, mispelled on purpose, is about the week in the life of a hitman as he undertakes one hit. A psychological character study of a psychopath wrapped in a thriller, it went on to win numerous awards including “Best Horror/Suspense Feature Film” at the I Filmmaker International Film Festival in Marbella. (Ridley Scott produced “Zero” won the same category but for short film).

Music Videos

deVIence – MOVE

A fun music video produced for the award winning rock band deVIence featuring West End musical sensation Giovanni Spano.


Kieran and the Iguanas – TO DETERIORATE

London Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival, Quirkfest, Canada International Film Festival (winner of the “Rising Star” award).


FLIGHT OF THE DODO(Post-Production)

Still - Dodo 2

“A young boy who dreams of flying struggles to escape the confines of his difficult life.”

Genre: Tragedy, Drama, Dark Comedy
Runtime: 7 minutes

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“A mysterious Stranger from far, far away finds himself stranded in a small town nestled amongst the mountains. As he struggles in his search for the ideal candidate, he begins to question the purpose of his visit”.

Genre: Sci-fi, Horror, Drama
Runtime: 14 minutes


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