About Us

Supra Deus Productions are an innovative and exciting production house that creates a wide variety of content, from Features and Short Films to Music Videos and high end Corporate.

Our debut low budget feature film “The Profesional”, misspelled on purpose, won a plethora of awards including “Best Horror/Suspense Feature Film” at the I Filmmaker International Film Festival in Marbella alongside Ridley Scott produced short “Zero”.

Our recent short film foray “Nowhere”, an intimate tale of homelessness in London, has already gone on to international success having been screened in Cannes, Amsterdam, Marbella, Los Angeles and more.

We focus on delivering content that moves and inspires, excites and entertains, all the while pushing audience engagement and expectations to another level. We’re always on the look out for new stories to tell. So if you want a team who creates high end professional content and can get the most out of your budget, contact us today! We’d love to talk. Coffee anyone?




“A homeless man, struggling to survive on the streets of London, finds his world is changed forever when he meets a troubled young runaway with a dark past.”

Runtime: 30 minutes
Writer/Director: Taras Demian Groves
Website: http://www.nowherethemovie.co.uk

A low budget short film about homelessness in London. To ensure maximum emotional impact and ensure we remained true to the reality of homelessness, we spent many month meeting the real homeless of London.


“In a world where being a contract killer is a legal profession, a camera crew film the reclusive, enigmatic hitman, Eli Shepard, as he undertakes one hit.”

Runtime: 120 minutes
Writer/Director: Taras Demian Groves

Our zero budget feature film “The Profesional”, mispelled on purpose, is about a week in the life of a hitman as he undertakes one hit. Essentially a character study of a psychopath wrapped in a pschological thriller, it went on to win numerous awards including “Best Horror/Suspense Feature Film” at the I Filmmaker International Film Festival in Marbella.

Music Videos

deVIence – MOVE

Our mission brief was to create an exciting and sexy video that would embody rock n roll for London’s hottest new rock band. With a small budget we managed to shoot the video in a day and turnover the final video within the week. Not a bad way to spend a shoot with an awesome group of guys and girls!


Kieran and the Iguanas – TO DETERIORATE

Our brief was to create a darkly comic video that would both shock and induce laughter as events unfolded with increasing absurdity. Created with the fantastic Kieran and his brilliant mind, it was a lot of fun. With an original concept and innovative design, the video went on to be screened at numerous film festivals including:

London Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival, Quirkfest, Canada International Film Festival (where we won a “Rising Star” award).


We have an exciting line-up of short films and projects due to begin production later this year as we diligently secure funding . Interested in getting involved? For more information on collaborating opportunities contact us today!



“A story about following your dreams… even if they lead you to a rooftop.”

Genre: Tragedy, Drama, Dark Comedy
Runtime: 7 minutes


“A mysterious Stranger from far, far away finds himself stranded in a small town nestled amongst the mountains. As he struggles in his search for the ideal candidate, he begins to question the purpose of his visit”.

Genre: Sci-fi, Horror, Drama
Runtime: 14 minutes


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